Since, we all know that winter is coming,  which is also a popular phrase from the television series ” Game of Thrones”, so I just thought I should share with you, what I learned from the series so far.

Note- if you have just started watching GoT, then don’t read it, or if you have no plans to watch it (which is ridiculous), then this might make you wanna.


‘Game of Thrones’ has taught me to go through both sides of a story, before making a decision, it has taught me to never depend so much on somebody (we’ve all seen the gruesome acts).
But there’s this character, who has inspired me, since the day I saw her on the screen for the first time. And that character is “Margaery Tyrell”.
Some of us remember her from her smirking and polite nature.
She was the lady who knew how to take all the hold, and rules the world, but also at the same time, gain the love and trust of the people.
She was the wife of Renley Baratheon, who claimed to be the next to sit on the iron throne after the death of his brother. And that moment, we saw her love towards her husband. But when he died, we saw her aiming to be the queen of the seven kingdoms. And she became one, in no time.

Joffrey, who was considered to be the cruelest, harsh and brutal human being, was easily hypnotized by Margaery. He did what she said without questioning.
After Joffrey, she got married to his little brother Tommen, who was madly in love with her.
It was clear, that Cersie was terrified by her, she knew that Margaery was a threat to her, but she couldn’t do anything about it.
Everything that Margaery did, used to be well-thought out and well-planned.
Though, she died a painful death. But even in her last minutes, she knew something wrong was going to happen, she knew Cersie might have planned something devastating.
Alas! The Faith was too fool to ignore her, and they all paid the price.

What I’m trying to say is, If you are a person like Margaery, you just can’t be defeated or fooled easily.
You make your every move smartly and boldly.
People love you for what you are to them.
You keep your strategies secret.
Everyone trusts you because you show them what they need to trust someone.

And above all, you SMILE 🙂

So, today’s lesson?