A country which ignores its women can never truly develop into a real nation. Like a building that will have a weak foundation without pillars, women too play an important role in developing a society and help build a strong foundation.

Sadly, in a nation which worships Goddesses, the plight of its female folk can only be described as least developed. The female gender has had to suffer an immense deprivation in terms of rights and freedom. The Indian scenario of women is like a two sided coin, on one hand we see women touching the zeniths of success and on the other hand, in fact a vast majority, at a loss for even basic equal rights. And this is not confined to the rural areas only. An ideal woman is considered to be one who would be the perfect “bahu”, now who exactly is a perfect bahu is highly debateable. For a majority of the population this is a woman who is considered to be lower than her husband, or the male members of the family and of course she is not supposed to have any ambitions of her own. She is to follow societal norms and thus sit at home and cook, look after the family and the children.

In the backdrop of heinous crimes against women, the most recent being rapes at large, it is time that the women of our nation took matters in their hands. Suppression and oppression cannot rule out revolution. Women need to be empowered to be able to survive this evil world. They need to be educated to make a life of their own, only then they can have the courage to leave behind the atrocities that burden their lives. Lack of education and hence dependence on someone else forces women to stop from taking utter necessary steps against violence. Only if they have a means of empowerment can they raise their voices to against society and other atrocities inflicted. The traditional concept of keeping silent needs to be removed and “naarishakti” professed. Another answer to this problem is to spread awareness. Perceptions need to be changed, minds opened and women respected as equals.

Women empowerment is the last hopeful strand to make society realize that they are a force to be reckoned with and not ignored.