You know what is beautiful…………….


           The clear blue sky.

Have you ever noticed its exquisiteness? It has a certain kind of euphoria in itself.

That’s when you stare at it for a period of time and feel wholesome. So natural and lively. So true and honest. .The clear blue sky with some patches of white cloud spreadall over the giant abode, sometimes relatively linked to one another like that of a tail or whereas, distinctly separated from the north and south. And now after spending a little time with mother nature these cloud seem to be as if they were a white paint of vanilla cream lusciously sketched in and out……


And then when the rays of the sun falls on earth and brightens up the entire sphere and your vision towards theimmediate setting lightens up with optimism, that’s when you realize and actualize the term self, being self, acting one of a kind craves beauty. The rise of your blue blood. Where are you searching for your cloud number nine?

Now you are more concerned with the acquisition of the proclaimed perceived emotions of being natural, you stare at the atmosphere. With the tall coconut trees swaying right and left due to the wind that has been blowing from the west makes perfect sense. That would make you A little intoxicated to visualize the greenery which felt like more of an emerald.So Dream like, isn’t it?

And I started to dream… I dreamt then… I lived in the rhapsody of my dream. I crafted a poetry out of it, for I wanted the moment to live and be immortal.

The article is written by: Vairabi Rajbonshi