It was not at all a sunny day. The reason was the cloud that overcastted the sky. The whole atmosphere set on gloomy look. The black birds were flying all over the sky. It was worth mentioning that a fresh breeze was blowing freely in the atmosphere. But that was very cold to feel. Shivering with the breeze, small lads were given cups of coffee. It was to be added that not a single old couple was seen there. Might the chilling wind prevented them doing so. Nevertheless the hot ball of the sky was expected to warm the place. Still the harsh wind was busy, continuing its job. More clouds gathered and the atmosphere became worsen. The abysmal look of the atmosphere terrified the people roaming in that place. The abnegation of the atmosphere was clearly visible. Suddenly the siren whaled that caused workers of the coal mill to rush on. The old men residing in that snarled seeing the weather. Seeing the saturnine climate, the circle-fires were lighted on. Adding to the same context, the school children were taken to the school by their moms. The steam engine blared leaving out black smoke incessantly. Station master was not at all worried for the weather because he knew that it would change. Even though, the old men came out with hope. The shop keeper started opening their shops as they also knew that weather would change its look. To the utter surprise, the weather absconded from its harsh look. The big ball of fire rose up. The ailing atmosphere turned sober and meek. The old men took a breath of relief as the cold breeze was not there. Soon all the workers started doing their work as they found a warm surrounding.

A fresh lady of 21 named Ria just woke up as the sudden beam of sunlight stroke her eyes sheds. She made herself fresh. And ready for her daily task. Actually she was working as a waitress in a cafeteria. She got a sumptuous face and good Indian girl over look. She knew everyone showed accolade for her as she was having good sense of humor. A simple going and high thinking girl in a modern India was merely an impossible adjective to find. But she was that kind. She knew what are emotions and care. But she showed self denial to herself. It made her more sober. She presented herself as the happiest girl in the world in front of others. In fact, it was not true. That was her disguise form to hide her feelings. Don’t think she got dual personality. This case was different. She loved the word ‘LOVE’ as it holds a great meaning in her life. She had some thinking that might turn your heart beat faster. I hope I am not boring you. Because I need tell to you these as it holds a deep meaning in this story. Moreover she had no one in this world except her loneliness and hopes. Therefore, she stood upon her own leg to face her life. She joined the cafeteria a year ago. That was her part of life.

The room rhymed with the beat that was stroked in the guitar. Subh,  a gentle boy ,a guitarist by profession. He had an age of 22. He had many emotions to care. The plethora of hope dangles on his strings. It’s slow spinning redemption winding in and winding out his feelings. He also did not have any guardian to get care of. He was also leaving alone in his own world. Leading the life alone, he also learned the way to handle the odds. He loved Ria too much more than the word ‘LIFE’. He attempted many a times to express his feelings to her. But he was out of his guts every time he tried. It was his part of life.

One day, he thought to propose her. He went to the cafeteria where she was working.  She saw him coming. She asked him to come near the balcony. They both went there. In a whirl of moment, he proposed her. She replied him in negative. She cleared her views. His lonely tears rolled down his cheeks. He added that he was having live show that day where he would sing and would play on his guitar. He cried that if possible she should have come. Even then she replied in negative. He left the place with the guitar on his hand. After an hour, he got prepared for his show to be held.

On the other side, there the cell phone of Ria, telling her,” hey, Ria, hahaha……… I am your old enemy Varun of course, today your Subh will die, hahahah …… yes, it is true. Because, I have short circuited his guitar plug-in. As soon as he will touch it, he will die…… bye”.

RIA:- hey, ……, hello,….hello…..

The phone-call got cut off.

She ran faster and faster as she could. She ran and ran. Within a period of time, she reached the venue. Before Subh could touch the guitar, she jumped in and died at once. It all happened in a sudden click. He knelt down there crying like anything.

So, reader don’t go, see what happen. Even though she replied in negative, why did then she ran for his life? Why? Suddenly, he got a letter in her salwar pocket that was fallen out. He took out that and read. In the letter, it was written that,

“Actually, Subh, I love you so much. I have written many letters, but did not bring courage to tell you my feelings. Sorry, for everything. I hope one day you will get this letter which I used to keep with me. Actually Subh I am an unlucky girl. My astrologer cleared me that the boy to whom I would love and would marry, he would die in an accident. Since I don’t want to lose you, I didn’t tell you the truth. Subh, I think ‘YOU THOUGHT IT WRONG’.

Subh, on the other side shed his only tears and told himself,” I didn’t think it wrong – actually ‘YOU MISTOOK ME’ “.


Written by:

Rathin Dutta