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Your Smile Made Mine

Your Smile Made Mine
I was a bud,
I needed you every-time.
I whimpered, I cried,
But your smile made mine.
I was six years old,
Wondered why to go to school,
You smiled, I cried,
But your smile made mine.
I was in adolescence,
Puberty led confusions,
I cried, I smiled,
But your smile made mine.
This is where I stated a crime,
I started disrespecting you.
Thought you’re not more than a dime,
Still, your smile made mine.
High school days weren’t so far,
Glamour was prioritized but family was not.
I thought to give a chill!
Again, your smile made mine.
You were super-tensed,
And so was I.
Aah! But your smile made mine?
I started isolating and ignoring you,
Without realising that you’re my pacemaker too.
I started being rude to you,
But yes! Your smile made mine.
I stopped frequent interactions with you,
Knowing that you were completely broke.
I blamed you and you always forgave!
Whatsoever, your smile made mine.
I realized, I regretted,
I was full of shame.
I was afraid to express my love dad,
Indeed, your smile always made mine.
I always loved you to the moon and back,
You loved me more dad.
I’m always sorry and thankful to you,
Because your smile always made mine.
I want you every moment I live,
I swear, I won’t hurt you anymore dad.
You’re my deity, my god,
Mercifully, your smile always made mine.
No matter what!
I believe you, I trust you dad.
I won’t let you down,

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